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A new English-language Public Television magazine-format TV series that looks at an American landscape influenced by Latinos, the impact of that relationship, the people, and their impact on the US.

The Opportunity

Corporations and Foundations, seeking to reach the portion of the 41 Million US Hispanics who are educated decision makers and consumers, will find VISTA to be a unique and effective opportunity.   Vista offers association with civic-minded PBS Network, a growing affluent and educated Hispanic community, and issues leading to community advancement.

Consider the following:


Nearly 95% of Hispanics speak at least some English (Geoscape International)


82% of Hispanics watch English Language television (People en Espanol, 2002)

88% of Latinos get their news from television

Professional marketers have already increased investment in Hispanic TV.

No serious English-language TV News Magazine for and about Latinos exists currently



Easily targeted as over 82% reside in 10 states and 77% reside in 25 metro areas

VISTA strategy aims at targeted PBS markets with large Hispanic populations.



VISTA Market:

Latino 18-49 and 50+ (18% of US TV population)

General PBS audience (24 Million)

Educated Latinos

Middle and upper income Latinos



Award Winning Co-Production Team

Proven TV Magazine Format

Quality English language Latino Programming

Series Sponsorship   

Available sponsorships

Major Spnsorship – 300K

Silver Sponsor – 100K

Bronze Sponsor – 50K

Episode Sponsor – 25K



The Latino population represents the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S.  In recognition of this, Connecticut Public Television, in co-production with Borres Productions, is producing a series that features Latino life in the United States and its impact on the nation’s culture, economy, and social-political trends.  Vista, a hosted magazine-format TV show includes segments with notable personalities, coverage of significant events, timely issues, as well as hometown heroes who have affected change,  across the nation



Proven Broadcast Journalists provide insightful, inspirational, and entertaining feature segments for the half-hour TV magazine. Recognized talent serve as hosts as well as interviewers of guests and contributing journalists.  A visual montage open, creatively produced segments, and insightful interviews will draw fans of the show looking for repeat performances.  Hosts will interview segment producers for insight on the subjects they cover.


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